Lake Como Article House Prices Fall on the Italian Lakes

There was a good article in the Sunday Times last weekend:

Still waters run cheap as house prices fall on Italian lakes

There are some views we assume only the super-rich can afford to wake up to in the morning — and Lake Como, with strands of mist enshrouding tiny fishing boats while the Alps loom in the background, is one of them. It’s certainly true that the great and good have homes there: George Clooney owns Villa Oleandra, a stunning, symmetrical 30-room villa that nestles amid greenery on the southwestern shore; then there is Villa Fontanelle, once owned by the late Gianni Versace and bought in 2008 by Russia’s most successful restaurateur, Arkady Novikov, for £26m. There’s also the enormous villa that Richard Branson rents, with staff, for a cool €100,000 a week, as well as scores of similarly fantastic properties used by Saudi princes, Milan-based footballers and Russian oligarchs…… for more on the Sunday Times website.

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