Italy: Piedmont Tourism Continues to Grow

The Piedmontese tourism continues to grow: in 2011 the attendance, or the overnight stays of tourists, exceeded 12.8 million, an increase of 3.88% over the previous year, over 4 million 200 thousand, however, the arrivals with +3.92% on 2010.

The positive affects both the Italian and the international market, with a good result of all products Piedmont. The increase is recorded most of the year, particularly in the months of June and September: the summer is thus increased, signal a growing flow of seasonal adjustment.

Turin metro area grew 0.3% in arrivals ( above a threshold of 1 million and 378mila) and +1.4% in the presence (almost 3 million and 600 thousand). A data driven mainly by domestic market, +1.2% +3.8% of arrivals and presences, and that can be traced back to movements related to the events of the celebration of 150 anniversary of the Unification of Italy, in line with the pattern of admissions to exhibitions of Experience Italy (more than 440 000 visitors and 848 000 OGR all visitors to the Venaria) and metropolitan museums (+28% and over 4.2 million visitors).

Very Positive The trend of sales of Torino Piemonte Card (62 thousand, +38.2%); tripled in particular the Junior Card, a sign of the growing interest of the target family.

The mountains in winter 2010-2011, an increase of attendance equal to +2%, exceeding 1 million and 670mila. It also improves the mountains in summer, almost 1 million 660 thousand presences, with growth of +0.6% compared to 2010.

As for the lakes in 2011 ended with the best result since 2000. If the arrivals totaled close to the threshold of 680,000, an increase of 7.5% compared to 2010, admissions 654mila reach 2 million share (+5.8%). Biggest increase in foreign share (+6.9%) compared to that of Italian nights (+1.3%).

Hills and the product recipes to nearly 1 million 600 thousand presences and have the most interesting growth rate: + 8.8% of arrivals and +7.3% attendance. Growing flows from Italy (+1.6%), but particularly from abroad (+15.3%), which is 44.8% of total admissions area.

At the regional level is also consolidates the offer accommodation, which is growing both in number of facilities (5,292 in all, and +3.14%) that the total number of beds (185,754, and +1.13%).

The domestic market in 2011, still represents the largest share (66 % of total), with 8.4 million visitors (+ 3.53%) and over 2.9 million arrivals (+3.05%), the foreign market exceeds the 4.4 million visitors (+4, 56%) and 1.3 million arrivals (+5.92%).

As regards Italy extraregione tourists come especially from Lombardy (over 1 million visitors, +2.4%), Liguria (409mila , +19.4%), Lazio (243mila, +2.9%), Veneto (216mila, +3.1%) and Emilia Romagna (200 thousand, +5.8); also growing domestic tourism to the region representing 62% of the Italian presence at an altitude of 5.2 million (the Piedmontese, in this period of economic downturn, continue to prefer as a travel destination on our own soil).

On the international front in the first rank and strong growth in Germany ( nearly 1.2 million visitors, +6.7%), followed by Benelux (741mila attendance, +4.7%), France (over 466mila attendance, +1.2%) and Switzerland (354mila attendance, +12, 2%). Strong recovery in Russia with +32.7%, while losing altitude United Kingdom and Austria.

Analyzing the performance of the individual ATL (Local Tourist), presents an overall picture of good health with good results in the Langhe and Roero, Novara and Lake District.

Also the only two cases of small decline for the area of Vercelli and Biella no concern in perspective, both being motivated by contingent reasons. In particular, the Biella sees a physiological decline after the increase in flows recorded in 2010 on the religious tourism, with major events such as the Passion of Sordevolo and related packages all’Ostensione of the Shroud. The data Vercelli, however, is related to a problem of data collection and is, therefore, underestimated the actual number of tourists than locals.

On the airport, Caselle 2011, closes up 4.5%, with the record of over 3.7 million passengers (2.2 million scheduled domestic, 1.2 million international). Over a million passengers flew low cost, 15% on the previous year, representing 30% of total traffic. An important result despite the crisis, which continues to persist even in the early months of this year: in January-February 2012 in Turin Airport have passed a total of over 570 passengers, a slight decrease of 1, 2% over the first two months of 2011. However, the decline has not affected the low cost segment, which in the first two months of 2012 recorded an increase of 7.2% over the same period last year, overcoming, albeit slightly, the level of 30% of total traffic .

Continue to grow the airport of Cuneo-Levaldigi: in 2011 with 225,000 passengers passed through the increase was 25%. For 2012 the goal is to reach 15% more than the year just ended. Among the news is reported Crete, thanks to an agreement between the Turquoise Travel Tour Operator, the resumption of the Ryanair flight to Trapani, a biweekly basis and increased frequencies for connection to Casablanca (4 flights a week) operated by Air Arabia Maroc and Bacau (5 weekly flights) operated by Blue Air.

“The goal – says Regional Councillor for Tourism, Alberto Cirio – of course, is to continue to grow and strengthen our competitiveness. We are doing this by sharing the lessons learned to date, primarily by providing our operators with a database created in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, which collects the contacts of more than 2 thousand buyers, Italians and foreigners. But above all, investing in quality, our greatest strength, and through a Promotion Plan that protagonists of the principal stock and trade fairs, and co-marketing with the world’s major tour operators and transportation carriers. In addition to media campaigns and educational tour, we are focusing, then, a particular focus on web, involving the increasingly influential world of travel bloggers. We are also developing a marketing plan sports tourism, aiming to make Piedmont the ideal location to host retreats and preparation of athletic teams and sporting federations. I would note that among coming events in the program, 4 to 6 May, Turin will host the International Tourism Exchange-BITEG recipes, with hundreds of players coming from all over the world. Tourism in Piedmont is confirmed in other words a healthy and growing, which has only one court: the tourist.The numbers tell us that we are working well, but we must not be fitted to the head and move forward with humility and dedication, day after day, as we teach our players, who are the greatest resource of the Piedmont. ”



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