Mel Gibson’s Italian Castle

Mel Gibson’s Italian Castle – 10% Discount Wanted – Reports (source:

It is looking more likely that Mel Gibson Hollywood director and star is likely to buy a, castle in Calabria, Italy, following attempts to obtain a discount believed to be 10%.

After he filmed “The Passion of the Christ” in the small South Italian town of Matara, he has reportedly decided to look for a more permanent home in the immediate area located on the “toe” of Italy.

Although it is possible to buy one or two bedroomed apartments in the nearby mountains for €87,000, Gibson is looking more at €4 million before he can become king of his own castle

The local mayor has recommended the 600-year-old castle which has 13,000 m² of surrounding land.

Local media report that Gibson has visited the castle twice and is starting to enter negotiations believed to be based around wanting a discount of 10% based on the celebrity value and fame he would bring to the area.

The local tourist board, whilst not commenting officially, believes that Mel Gibson’s presence in the area would be a huge boost to this very poor part of Italy.

If Gibson does buy the castle, many people will visit the area which would be a great boost to local hotels restaurants and the poor transport facilities.

It could also add southern Italy itself to the world tourist map on a much greater scale.

An announcement is expected within the next few days that the sale of the castle has been completed successfully at an expected rate price of €3.7 million.

Gibson is expected to spend anywhere between half a million and 2 million euro’s extra on improving facilities, perhaps after his recent reported arguments with Oksana, including reports of him knocking her teeth out.

Although he was born on New York, Gibson moved with his family to Sydney, Australia at the age of 12, after his father won $145,00 in an work related accident claim against the locla railway company.

His films have grossed over $2 billion in the USA alone.

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