Italy: Increase in foreign tourism in Calabria

Increase the presence of foreigners in Calabria

Increase in foreign tourism in Calabria is clear from the study carried out by Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which states that in 2009 the region recorded an increase of tourists 9.7% the previous year. The statistics also reveal an increase of 8, 3% of nights. The good news is due to the excellent performance of the province of Crotone (+310.5%), which has, however, only 10.6% of total regional figure. Lower percentages for the other provinces with Catanzaro makes it decreased by 33.3%, Vibo Valentia, which amounted to -27%, while the numbers have a positive sign of Cosenza (+ 23.9%) and Reggio Calabria ( +5.7%). Increases in 2009 spending by foreigners for additional types of accommodation (+36.0%) and homes for rent (+11.0%) compared to 2008. Negative, however, the numbers related to expenditure on hotels and resorts with a -46.5%. Among the most interesting voices, there is a positive development with 466 companies that supply farm puts food tourism as an important element t hat aim to overcome the problem of seasonality of supply regions.


Properties for sale in Calabria Italy

  • * Harbour View Apartments
  • * Portino Silano Apartments Sila Mountains
  • * Baia Verde Villas Zambrone
  • * Borgonovo Apartments Pizzo
  • * Portoada Park Villas
  • * Sabbia di Marinella Apartments
  • * Porto Rhoca Villas
  • * Napitia Hills Apartments & Townhomes – Pizzo – Calabria


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