Save hundreds of pounds on your regular overseas transfers
Save hundreds of pounds on your regular overseas transfers
Save hundreds of pounds on your regular overseas transfersWe would like to help you save money on your regular payments abroad.

Whether you need to make one-off, monthly, quarterly or even annual international payments, factors like exchange rates and transfer fees can make a big difference to the amount of currency you actually receive.

Regular Payment Plan (RPP)

Moneycorp, the UK’s leading overseas transfer specialist, offers a Regular Payment Plan which is our recommended way for you to transfer your funds abroad. It will eliminate the time-consuming and costly process of arranging your own regular payments through a high street bank. If you are making monthly transfers of €1,000 to Spain for example, Moneycorp could save you over £800 a year.

Key benefits of the RPP service:
Tick Simple to set up and fully automated – your sterling is collected by Direct Debit from your UK account and automatically sent to your overseas bank account
Tick Flexible frequencies – ranging from weekly to annual
Tick Premium service option for same-day or next-day transfers – much faster, more convenient and more cost-effective than using your bank!
Tick Ability to fix exchange rates for a set time period – so you know how much money you are paying each month
Tick Unbeatable exchange rates
Moneycorp were so professional and calm. Everything was very easy. The service was fantastic. Patrick Rooney

Find out more or email us at to be put in touch with a Moneycorp representative


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