Italy: Stunning Views, Beaches & the Real Italy

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International Horizons have just returned  from a trip over to Calabria. We viewed properties, and the region in general, we were really impressed with what we found stunning crystal clear seas with great beaches, countryside, the real Italy, Ski resorts, Historical towns and spectacular views. 
Our colleagues that we have chosen to work with in Calabria offer a very profession service with a great tour of the region and the properties, they have a dedicated after sales team which deals with mortgages, furnishings, kitchens, legal’s, rental and property management, to mention just a little of what they can offer our clients. 
If you are interested in purchasing a property in Calabria, first and foremost we would suggest that we arrange a meeting with you and our colleagues so you can experience what the region has to offer first hand.  Just drop us an email to make the arrangements
If you have any specific questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0044 (0)845 6522452 or email
If you are interested in purchasing a Calabrian Apartment, Villa or Townhouse we  would like to find out a little more about what you are looking for so we can recommend suitable properties and developments. How many bedrooms are you looking for? what is your budget? what do you intend to use the property for, rental? holiday home? or both or something more permanent than that? What is important to you? Views? proximity to the beach, shops, restaurants bars etc?
From the slideshow above i’m sure you will agree that Calabria is stunning, very diverse and offers home owners a taste of the real italy.
We have a range of properties for sale in Calabria on our website 

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