Italy: Why buy property in Calabria?

Introduction to Calabria:

Calabria is at the heart of southern Europe, is just over a couple of hours flight from the UK, Ireland and Russia. This offers buyers the reassurance of purchasing and living within the European Union. Italy is the fourth most popular destination for UK, Ireland, Europe and International home buyers. Southern Italy represents one of the finest investment opportunities in this country. It presses all the benefits without the inflated property prices of the more established northern Italian market. With 800Km of unending beautiful white sandy beaches, rich in roman and Greek culture and steeped in history, it has long been a well kept secret by sophisticated types from the north of Italy and has a very strong homegrown tourist trade…

Why invest in Calabria?


When the investor in property, at home or abroad, is considering the optimum locations to buy real estate there is a number of factors that are useful to take into account:

  • regional economic forecasts;
  • airline and other transport link developments;
  • tourism forecasts.

Property in Calabria looks set for a boost from funding the EU has committed under the Cohesion Plan 2007.

On 7 December 2007 the European Commission approved the Calabria Regional Operational Program for 2007-2013. The Program comes under the Convergence Objective and has a total budget of approximately €3 billion. The aid provided by the EU through the ERDF amounts to some €1.5 billion, i.e. half of the entire Program. This figure represents 5.2% of the EU’s total investment in Italy in the context of Cohesion Policy for the period 2007-2013.


With more and more tour operators adding Calabria to their holidays destinations, Tourism predicted to rise year on year offering fantastic rental potential on your property. Where tourism leads, the property markets trends to follow, which can have only a positive effect on your investment.

Tax Benefits…

No capital gains tax when you hold your property for 5 years.

So why not take advantage of the above points, if you are looking for a property investment which is also suitable as a holiday home consider a property in Calabria:-

  • Baia Dei Fiori, Nocera Scala
  • Corallo Retreat
  • Gelsomino Residence, Fuscaldo
  • Panoramico – Trebisacce
  • Le Vurghe
  • Nicolas Village Apartments
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