Italy’s Tourism Minister plans new casino developments

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Italy’s Tourism Minister plans new casino developments

Posted on Monday, October 26th, 2009. Source: British Airways Industry News 

Italy could become home to a new run of luxury casinos if Tourism Minister Vittoria Brambilla’s plans are successful.

Ms Brambilla has put forward a 19-point plan to boost tourism in Italy, which includes the opening of 10 to 15 luxury casinos. Reuters reports that the casinos would be located in five-star hotels.

The plan hopes to bring more visitors to Italy and to increase tourism in the less-developed South, as well as aiming to reopen casinos in San Pellegrino, near the northern city of Bergamo and in the Sicilian city of Taormina. The opening of a variety of new hotels in Italy in time for summer this year also aimed at increasing the number of visitors to the country.

The plan is currently awaiting full government approval and a spokeswoman commented that it was unlikely to be finalised at today’s cabinet meeting.

According to Reuters, Ms Brambilla said: “The aim is to develop (the sector) and put the south in the same condition as the north, where there are already four casinos. The minister supports a policy of tourism to reactivate the south.

“The idea is to put casinos in five-star hotels. But the text of the proposal is still under examination.”

Reports of early Alpine snowfall earlier this week also indicated a potential boost in the tourism industry for Italy this year. The early arrival of snow made way for conditions perfect for skiing, which led to a strengthening of booking figures for Alpine locations.


One thought on “Italy’s Tourism Minister plans new casino developments

  1. If Italy really wants to attract more tourists it need to crack down on the terrible graffitti problem defacing some of the finest buildings in the world. We wanted to bring a large group to como for a business event and when the president of the company saw the garbage and the graffitti right there in the Centro Storico he decided to choose Barcelona because it is clean. I was heart-broken. Of all places at least the area where the tourists go should be better kept. The Trastevere area of Rome was pathetic. All of its charm is marred by the terrible scribbling on the walls. Do they let their children write all over the walls of their houses too? How can one help to clean up the Italy we love so much and preserve it for our children and grandchildren? I beg of you to let me know.

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