Italy Top for Tourism in 2009 nation brands index

Italy top for tourism in 2009 nation brands index

Oct 20th, 2009 – Words by Pat Eggleton Source:


There were some results for Italy to ponder at Simon Anholt’s presentation of the 2009 Simon Anholt – GfK Roper Nation Brands Index at the TTG Incontri Business to Business Tourism Fair in Rimini on Friday.

Anholt, an author, researcher and policy adviser specialising in national identity and reputation, coined the term “nation branding” in 1996 and employs it to explain how a nation is viewed by the rest of the world. Six aspects of a nation are taken into account and these are:

  • Exports – perceptions of a country’s products and services and whether these are actively sought out by others.
  • Governance – how efficient and fair a government is perceived to be; global behaviour of a government.
  • Culture – heritage, popular culture perceptions, sports.
  • People – friendliness to visitors; willingness of overseas employers to hire a person from the country in question.
  • Tourism – tourism appeal of a country’s natural beauty, sightseeing potential and urban attractions.
  • Immigration and Investment – how attractive the country is for potential workers, students and emigrants; economic situation, equal opportunity, quality of life.

For the 2009 Index, 20,939 interviews were carried out with 1,050 interviewees from each of 20 countries. The interviews were conducted with the online populations.
In first place overall we have the USA and this is a huge jump from its seventh position in 2008. Anholt puts this down to the “Obama effect”. Italy’s placing has not changed from sixth in 2008.

The top ten overall placings are:

  • 1. USA
  • 2. France
  • 3. Germany
  • 4. UK
  • 5. Japan
  • 6. Italy
  • 7. Canada
  • 8. Switzerland
  • 9. Australia
  • 10. Spain and Sweden – tied.

Italy sweeps the board , as we might expect, with regard to Tourism and is second in the Culture category, France being first. The country we all love is in third position in the People category but is unplaced in the Exports, Governance and Immigration / Investment categories.

Anholt’s advice for Italy?

“Actively taking part in the global debate on the environment, developing a deeper interest in innovation and learning English: this is the world’s operating system.”

Anholt quote and 2009 Nation Brands Index Statistics from Simon Anholt website.


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