Germans are world’s biggest spenders on holidays

Germans spent more money on foreign trips in 2008 than tourists from any other nation, according to German national tourism body DRV.

Speaking in Germany at a press conference ahead of ITB, the world’s biggest travel fair, DRV president Klaus Laepple revealed that Germans forked out over US$85bn on holidays last year, a rise of $7bn y-o-y, with the figure including money spent on transport as well as funds invested on holiday.

Spain, the world’s second biggest tourist destination, was Germany’s favourite choice for holidays last year with 10m hitting its shores, followed by Italy and Austria.

“Germans are in general not giving up their holidays,” said Laepple. “Falling energy costs, dwindling inflation and higher incomes are helping boost an interest in travel.”

Despite the economic crisis affecting Europe, a survey by the German Motorists Association found that some 64.5% are planning an overseas holiday in 2009.

From OPP on 17th March 2009


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