Developer discounts in Bali

bailvilla The building is more than 60% complete on the  Sahaja and Sawah properties in Bali, the developer has agreed to discount the last few properties in order to close sales off more swiftly so that thay can all focus on marketing the resort for rentals.

With that in mind, below is the availability and best offer pricing on those remaining units:

Sawah Townhouses – C1, the corner townhouse is available. The price is 69,990 euros. This is a 2 bedroom villa in Bali with an upper balcony and ground floor terrace of 104m2 of internal living space. The ocean view from the upper storey in particular is stunning. The price for the same type of property in the Aman Jurang project is 89,990 euros as build costs have risen sharply and also the land that Aman Jurang is on is newer and so it cost quite a bit more. If you are interested in this one please shout as we have a client looking at it and he is really very keen. Call now 0044 (0)845 6522452, this Townhouse in Bali won’t be available for long.

Indah Villas – villas 2, 3 and 4 are available. The price is supposed to be 89,990 euros but we can discount by 10%. This brings the price down to 80,990 euros. The internal floor space of these is just over 120m2, plus there is decking and terracing, an upstairs balcony and a private plunge pool and private garden. These villa overlook a river and paddy fields. Very beautiful scenery… We think these villas in Bali offer outstanding value – especially with the discount.

Sahaja Villasvilla A2 is available at the price of 119,990 euros, the others are more as the plot sizes vary. A2 is the best value out of the remaining units. We can discount this by 10% also, which would bring the price down to 107,991 euros. This villa has excellent ocean views, and has 130m2 of internal floor space, not including the decking and terracing around the pool. These villas have two excellent bedrooms, both with indoor and outdoor bathrooms. The style of these villas is really cool and ‘zen’. Having seen them recently, they are a whole lot bigger and grander than the artists impressions would have you believe. ‘A lot of house for the money’.

Project notes:

  • The 50% finance is completely non-status – there is no penalty for settling early, or for deciding on completion that you would rather pay off the balance in full.
  • The project is 60% complete and ahead of schedule – all villas are being completed at the same time and will be ready by September 2009. The Developer will then spend October preparing to open as a boutique resort on November 1st in time for high season (which is Xmas and New Year). However, Bali has a 52 week per year season.
  • There is no set amount of weeks owners can use their villas – it is totally flexible

Do let us know if you have any questions or queries about these properties in Bali email us at or call now 0845 6522452


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