Villas in ‘The Real Bali’

bailvillaTabanan, aka ‘the real Bali’, known as Sahaja and Sawah.

Opposite is one of the photos from a recent  site visit (Nov 2008).  You will see that construction is progressing extremely swiftly. There is  approx 140 workers on site and the project is set to be completed in early August next year. The developers then have a generous period of almost three months for landscaping, fit out, staff recruitment and training. They have selected a Swedish couple who will likely be the resort managers. The discussions with them come to fruition they will commence their role on September 1st 09, in order to be ready for the official opening of the resort on November 1st in time for high season (Xmas and New Year).

The Bali properties themselves are exceptionally large, our colleague has  stood in the shells of both the Sahaja Villas (the large two bedroom properties with 10 metre pools at the front of the development) and the Sawah Townhouses (the two storey, two bedroom villas in blocks of four surrounding a tropical swimming pool) , she is delighted to report that the ocean views are superb.

If you haven’t yet invested, please find the availability below:

Indah Villas (gorgeous, river view, two bedroom resort villas with private splash pools and delightful private gardens) –

Plot 1 – land size approx 300m2, villa size 100m2 @ 89,000 Euros

Plot 2 – land size approx 300m2, villa size 100m2 @ 89,000 Euros

Plot 3 – land size approx 300m2, villa size 1002 @ 89,000 Euros

Sahaja Villas (stunning, ocean view, two bedroom resort villas with oversized 10m pools and private gardens with outdoor spa bathrooms)

Plot A1 – land size approx 348m2, villa size 125m2 @ 129,000 Euros

Plot A2 – land size approx 306m2, villa size 125m2 @ 119,000 Euros

Plot A3 – land size approx 341m2, villa size 125m2 @ 139,000 Euros

Plot A1 – land size approx 365m2, villa size 125m2 @ 139,000 Euros

Please note there is 50% non status finance available.

Also, we are launching a new project near to Sahaja and Sawah which will also run as resort retreat and will be managed by the same team. The new retreat will be known as Aman Jurang which means ‘calm valley’ in Indonesian.

This will be a sophisticated, soulful retreat, featuring oversized one bedroom units, some with oversized roof terraces, known as ‘bachelor pads’, and also two bedroom units (again some with roof terraces) known as ‘weekender suites’. The look and feel of this resort will be extremely minimal, with zen styling throughout. The retreat will be marketed towards stressed out execs and couples wanting to get away from city life and immerse themselves in the tranquility of the Tabanan countryside – paddyfields, rivers and unspoilt beaches.

Aman Jurang will perfectly compliment Sahaja and Sawah, which features larger villas and will therefore appeal more to families and small groups of friends.

Both Sahaja and Sawah and Aman Jurang will have tasteful café bars on site, and guests of both resorts will be welcome in each. Both resorts will also have small shops selling European staples, such as freshly baked bread, fine wines etc., juice bars (with a focus on healthy products, such as spirulina shakes, wheatgerm juice and organic salads), a free CD library featuring hip albums and chill out compilations, bicycles for the use of resort guests and shuttle bus services to and from Seminyak and the airport. The vibe of both resorts will be ‘laid back sophistication’ in a tropical, contemporary setting.

If you are interested in getting in early as an investor in our new resort, Aman Jurang, please let us know . Prices start from 42,500 Euros for a Bachelor Pad and there is 50% finance, non status, once again.

Or subscribe to our mailing list under Bali and when further details are released you will be sent the information.

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